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Journeyman III

Display not turned on when booting with 6700XT

Hi all,

I recently bought a PowerColor 6700XT to replace a 1060.

MB: MSI H510i

Processor: I5-11400

PSU: EVGA 750 gold

Display: Gigabyte G34WQC A

OS: Windows 11

When I plug in the 6700XT, the screen does not turn on.  PC turns on, MB lighting up, 6700XT spins.  I tried HDMI cables, DisplayPort cables (to the GPU, and not the MB), to no avail.  When I replace the 6700XT with the 1060, it works fine.  I tried to install the drivers without the 6700XT installed, but it would not let me.  I have uninstalled the 1060 drivers, same result.  I have replugged the power cables (both 6and 8 pins) several times to make sure I got it in there (and gone back and forth with the 1060 too, so power is there).

I tried to set bios to IGD and installed the 6700XT, hoping to get my PC to boot up and install the drivers.  But it does not work - when the 6700XT is installed, the display simply does not turn on.

Any suggestions on what to do?  Desperately would like the 6700XT to work. 

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Hi, after installing the GPU. Clear the CMOS and reset the Motherboard BIOS and load optimized default settings.

Disconnect the main AC power, either turn off the power button at the back of the power supply or remove the power cable. Wait a few seconds to make sure all capacitors and coils are discharged. For extra safety, press the power button, which will definitely drain the capacitors.

To clear the CMOS, press the CMOS clear button on the back I/O panel, wait a few seconds. If there is no button, remove the CMOS battery. Either way, it will ensure 100% clear CMOS.


Thank you for the suggestion.  I tried it and it will boot up with my old GPU, but not with the 6700XT.  Screen is still blank as usual.  And when I switched back, the old GPU gets recognized and works without issue.  Any other thoughts?


Hi, sorry to hear that. Since it's not display from boot, actually running out of options and you've already tried the others. Only left was the CMOS clear.

Have you tried with 2nd PCI E slot? And if Dual Memory Kit, switching RAM slots A2 B2 or with 1 Stick. Also, just try plugging it next to 1060 and see if it boots. If it does, check the device manager if the AMD GPU is detected then. And  last resort to try the GPU on another computer itself.

Did you purchase this new?