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Journeyman III

Display Monitor keep blinking on my Sapphire Nitro plus RX 580

Hello folks,

I've issued on my Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580, it always do interval blinking every 3 seconds starting on Power On > BIOS > Booting > Windows. 

While it keep blinking my keyboard works normal and it can typed, but not with mouse i can't find the pointer/cursor but the mouse is still on. 

I used:

- MSI a68hm-e33 Mobo

- AMD A8 7680 Procie

- RAM 8gb


- VGA to HDMI converter 

- An old LED Samsung Monitor VGA port Type

- PSU FSP 500w



- Uninstalling all GPU Driver on PC via DDU Safe Mode

- Install Updating latest version Radeon Adrenaline (RX 580)



- VGA to HDMI converter works normal if i plug on HDMI port on Motherboard.


Is this because bad quality of my VGA to HDMI converter/adapter?

Or my Vga Card Rx 580 is broken? Before this vga card on my hand it works normal. This Vga Card used for editing and Game only.

Or my LED Samsung s19a100n is doesn't supoort on this vga card? 

I hope this issue because the Bad quality Converter/adapter

Thank you for the attention, will appreciated for the responses

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