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Adept I

DirectGMA support in 2023?

Does anyone know whether DirectGMA is supported by the Radeon Pro W7000 and RX7000 series? We use DGMA as part of a high speed data processing application used by customers around the world, and the WX7100 cards that we use are now end of life.

We had a productive meeting with some "high level" representatives from AMD a few months ago, and were told that many AMD cards support DGMA but don't always mention this in the specs (the W6600 and W6800 being examples of this). Although they mentioned some upcoming cards, they weren't able to give us specs without signing an NDA first (I now suspect these were part of the W7000 and RX7000 series). The AMD guys also admitted that they had no metrics on how widely DGMA is used, and were close to dropping the feature as they all thought it was a "dead" technology. They seemed quite surprised to hear what we use it for, and said they would discuss the subject with their design team, with a view to keeping DGMA in future cards. If you use this feature then make a noise with AMD otherwise there's a risk that this feature will disappear altogether.


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