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Adept I

Desktop Icons

Problem: I have a 2 monitor setup. when one monitor goes off e.g. I turn it off or during the driver reinstallation, then my desktop icons are thrown irgndwie new. thereby also a few are pushed to the 2 monitor.
Graphics card is a vega 56 driver is currently the version 21.4.1.
Resolution is on both 1920x1080 main monitor is a 27" iiyama PL2760H 144Hz secondary monitor 24" Hanns G HE2250DPB 60Hz.
Windows 10 and also here always latest updates on it.
auto sort icons is off.

I have tested a variant where you should delete the folder with the standard resolutions in the registry. but that was when the monitors come out of the power saving mode, and I do not use.
can someone help me that no longer happens.

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Adept I


is this the oficial support forum?