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Desktop icons moved on startup

I just installed the Radeon 5700 XT and my monitor has a resolution of 1920 x 1200.  Every time I boot my system the icons get moved into an area that looks like 1366 x 768 or something like that.  I use DeskTopOk to restore my desktop each time but I would like to find  way to stop this from happening.


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I had a very similar thing happen with a previous GPU. It wasn't necessarily on restarts, but seemed more related to the monitors going into power save. On wake up the icons were all moved to one monitor. Like you, DesktopOK saved me until the problem went away. In my case it was a combination of driver update and Windows 10 updates that ultimately stopped this from happening. Also, I had an NVIDIA GPU at the time, before going to the AMD. It may be something related to switching hardware on an existing OS install.

Here is what I remember on the issue. And I readily confess my memory is a bit sketchy on the subject since it has been over a year since I dealt with this. There is a registry entry that deals with resolution and within that registry entry the resolution was lower than the normal display. As I recall, the fix was to find the key and change the lower valued resolution to the proper size. You will need to use Bing or Google to search on this. And you may want to try looking for wake up from power save because I know that was the thing that drove me to the answer. It wasn't anything with the GPU driver, this was an OS issue.

If I find the article I will post some links.

I found more information. When you do your searching for the problem that matches what you are experiencing, try adding this registry key to the search:


Here is a link that likely explains what is happening and keys to look for:

How can I stop windows re-positioning after waking from sleep? - Super User 


That link has a lot more information and I may try to edit the registry if I get some spare time. I think a clean install will be a better solution for me because I was using two monitors with different drivers, Nvidia and Intel. I uninstalled the Nvidia driver and I will uninstall the Intel driver and then connect both monitors to the 5700 XT. It will be interesting to see what happens even if that does not solve my desktop icon moving problem.

Thanks for your help,



Just thought I would let you know that formatting drive c: and doing a clean install seems to have stopped the desktop icons from moving. Thanks for your help.


Thanks for all the information.  I looked at the registry to see if there is something there to easily edit but that is not the case.  I am getting some more hardware in a couple of days and I will then do a clean install of the operating system. I hope that will take care of this problem for me.


As I recall, my problem didn't start until I changed the GPU on an existing install. Luckily, it only happened on one install for me. I was able to resolve the issue with the fixes mentioned above. Since then I have had two clean installs and not once did this behavior come back. But I know how very frustrating it is. And DesktopOK really came in handy until the issue was resolved. Good luck.