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Journeyman III

Dell S2417DG monitor, overclock feature and AMD

Hello everyone. I'm here because the Dell moderator that answered my post told me to check with AMD if the R9 390 graphics card supports the overclock feature of the Dell S2417DG monitor, which goes up to 165hz. I would like know if theres someone from AMD that may be able to give me an answer to this issue?

I'm asking this because I got that monitor but I can´t seem to use the OSD (on screen display) overclock function and the Dell moderator told that they only tested it with Nvidia graphics card, so they basically told me to get and Nvidia graphics card instead or check with AMD to see if you tested your graphics cards on this monitor. Here's what the Dell moderator said: "You should contact AMD Support directly and ask if they have tested their video cards and drivers on the S2417DG overclocked 165Hz. I know we have not as I mentioned in your other post. We only validated the Nvidia."

I mean, I knew that I would not be able to use the G-sync feature of the monitor since I don´t have an Nvidia graphics but the moderator answer was surprising because I did not expect that the overclock feature of the refresh rate had anything to do with Nvidia or AMD. Please if there's someone from AMD that knows anything about this issue, please let me know.

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