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Journeyman III

Defective AMD 6800xt

Is it just me or are there a lot of faulty AMD 6800 xt GPUs being shipped out?
Over the last 3 months, I've had to purchase 3 gaming PCs for the family. Since finding the new AMD 6800 xts on the open market has been impossible, I've ordered them from 3 different (well known) custom PC makers as part of new systems. The specs have been almost identical, but they've all had to go back once or even twice because they were faulty. I did plenty of troubleshooting, including swapping them into machines with working 6800 xt (once one of them worked) but with no success. 
So far, I'm at 5 faulty GPUs, and 2 working ones, all 6800 xt. Is anyone having similar issues?

Apologies that this is not a technical question, but I'd like to know if others are experiencing the same problems or whether I'm just seriously unlucky.


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Adept III

Define faulty, what were the issues?


I have a sapphire pulse 6700xt, Ive had it working since I had it, about a month now on an brand new machine, and over the last 3 days I been having trouble of it overheating and cutting the picture to a blank screen, I only use basic settings for the card, yet temp is over 90deg c as soon as I run any game.  I have to shut down the pc from the wall socket and restart after about 30 seconds and the screen works, but the drivers are messed up on the device manager and the adrenaline UI wont load up untill i reinstall the drivers