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Journeyman III

Default radeon wattman settings restored due to unexpected failure "when suing relive"


i have rx 5700 xt 

i'm using it for about a month and i keep getting random black screen

i have tried using ddu and the issue is still there 

i didn't touch watman since i get black screen  

it reset it randomly 

sometimes it reset and i get the signal back sometimes i need to force restart

today i have figured something

that when i turn off relive it stop the random black screen

and tbh i don't want to  turn it off  

i was using another gpu and there was no issues with both amd and nvidia 

gtx 1050ti and rx 570 

my spec: r7 1700 ,b350m mortar and 16 gigs of ram

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Journeyman III

and issue also appear when using another software like  plays tv etc.