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Custom Resolutions

I have a Asus TUF Fx505dy laptop with AMD Ryzen 5 3550H and RX560X. I want to create a custom resolution for CSGO. According to what I have seen on the internet, the option should be in the Display Tab. But I am not able to see it. Is there any other way to create a custom resolution Eg. 1280x800


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There are a lot of feautures for integratged graphics that are not available and only available to desktop graphics. If you are doing this in the indidvidual game profile see if it is available as a global change. You can ask AMD support for help or clarification if it should be supported. 

Someone else here might have more knowlege on your product.

Another great way to make custom resolutions is a utility called CRU, custom resolution utility form monitortests_com.

They have to approve links so I will reply with the link in a reply to this. You could google the above info too.


So I installed this and set my desired resolution in the standard resolutions but when I launch csgo theres just a black screen. The game works with sound but the display is black.


maybe try changing your desktop resolution to what you want for the game before launching it and see if that gets you in.


Same problem. The game runs but the display is black.