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Journeyman III

Custom Resolution to Squeeze Screen Vertically - RX 580

I have an arcade cabinet, using the Samsung 31.5" UJ59 as the monitor.  I have an arcade bezel that is about 1/2 an inch too small vertically.  I am trying to squeeze the size of the monitor down.

On an imbedded Intel card, I can do this very easily - there is literally a slider that lets me do it.  In Custom Resolutions, I try taking it from the suggested max resolution (with vertical at 2160) and reducing it to say: 2000.  It flickers and says "this is not supported".

Even if I leave it at the default resolution supported by Windows, it says the custom resolution is not supported.  I've experimented flipping some switches, but nothing works.  I am running FreeSync.  I have experimented turning it off.

Any thoughts on how to get this working?  Is this possible?  I know there are some 3rd party utilities for overriding the registry/etc, but I feel like I'd rather use the AMD drivers if possible for the best result.


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