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CSGO overly sharp in stretched resolution with new RX6700XT

Now, at first this sounds like something positive, but it ain't.

I used to have a VEGA56 that was changed for a RX6700XT yesterday. A nice upgrade, but a whole new look and feel in CSGO. I play this game stretched 4:3 since forever and this looks completely different now with the new GPU. 
Instead of the normal "slightly blurriness" you expect, it's overly sharp like something is trying to overcompensate for the stretched resolution. This looks awful and I want to get back to what it was before.

Things I've tried:

- Disable Image Sharpening

- Tried GPU scaling

- Disabled MSAA in CSGO

- Disabled full screen optimizations

Nothing really works. The problem seems to be more visible by playing with a color saturation of 200%. However, I also did this on my VEGA56 and that was never an issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me, how to solve this?

Thank you very much!

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Journeyman III

You ever find a fix for this, running into the same issue