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Journeyman III

CSGO crash near smoke

Hi all,

I have a weird problem. Csgo keeps crashing everytime i am close to smoke i.e. If I throw one way or lurk on the edge of the smoke. The game will minimize to desktop, amd driver says it got error and allow to send report. I can still hear the sounds from game and i hear i can still move but it is impossible to maximize the game again. I need to kill the process and then launch game again.

I tried like 100 different solutions from google and YT but nothing helps.

I have amd cpu and gpu. Temperatures of gpu are abut 60/70+. Game crashes ONLY near smoke. Other games are fine, no crashes.

Recently i have changedbresolution from 4:3 1920x1440 to 16:9 2650x1440 - before thar i crashed almost never.




I found this is the reliability monitor:

This is in polish but basically it says hardware error (in bold), stopped working, hardware error, stopped responding

I also saw some kernel dll and kernel-power errors before but cannot locate it now. Updated motherboard drivers today but no improvement.


Any idea? I am helpless :{

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Journeyman III

A little update

I went into GPU settings and switched to manual on GPU and power adjustment but only change I made was power tuning which I set to maximum. I run this csgo benchmark map which before the change I was able to run twice at best. After the change I run it seven times with no crash. Settings on the screenshot:

Should I update anything else for better working?

Seems like the problem is connected to some power issues which seems odd to me that for such low req game I need to adjust anything from default. Anyways any suggestion on what I could or should change as well?