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CSGO connection issues & general underperformance on new RX6700XT build


I'm having some issues with my new build on good old CSGO.
The PC I'm using now used to have a VEGA56 (running great) but with my new RX6700XT I'm having lots of difficulties.
It has a Ryzen 7 3700X processor and 16GB of DDR4 RAM at 3200Mhz, XMP enabled. It runs the latest BIOS on a X570 chipset motherboard with SAM enabled.

First, connecting to a server often blocks on the "retrieving server info" screen
Reinstalled all the AMDdrivers, added -d3d9ex to launch options (which lowers the amount of cases, but it still happens) and reinstalled CSGO, all without a solution.
The game just freezes and stops responding when this stage gets reached. It happens very often, as in almost half of the times, forcing me to restart CSGO and hoping for better luck. This got me banned from some games as well, as the time limit to join passed.

Secondly, the game kind of underperforms. The average framerate is good, to no one's surprise as this game can run on a toaster, but there are a lot of framerate drops and choppiness is present and hurting in game performance.

I'm reaching out to the community, hoping you guys can help me out. 
Does anyone have any suggestions I can try?

Thank you very much,


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