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Crashing Issue

I have an RX 580. I just recently upgraded my rig and built around it. This includes a bump to 16 GB of DDR4 RAM from DDR3, a Ryzen 2600 processor, a new motherboard, new hit sink, and an additional 1TB of storage, specifically SSD. I also bought a set of four fans, though I only installed two due to the limitations of my motherboard. The reason I built it is because I thought I was having a compatibility issue between my video card and the old processor. It was specifically giving me issues with Borderlands 3. It didn't start happening until I got around 80 or so hours and about 3 DLCs into the game. It would crash my entire computer. Monitors would go black and I'd have to hard reset. Right before I built the new rig it happened with Dead by Daylight which, even with its recent face still isn't any where near as graphically intensive as BL3. It happened again just now when I was playing Wasteland 3. I'm at my wit's end, here. Any ideas?

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Adept II

It seems that this problem has been happening to many of us for several weeks. All the messages that I have read from other people makes me think that it is a drivers problem.

My theory is that one of the latest Windows updates is incompatible with the latest AMD drivers, none of the solutions that other people proposed have worked for me (and it seems that for others either), so we will have to wait for AMD to solve it.

Well, that sucks. Sorry it's happening to others, too. Thanks for the info, man.

FWIW. 2 years of black screen since the original build (followed by high fan and having to hold power button to turn off) very intermittent often happening during web browsing rarely during gaming, for me it was more when I switched from one thing to another and the video screen had to flash like alternating between tabs on a web browser, or moving from one game to another).  (b450, ryzen 5 2600, rx580, 2 monitors).   I've upgraded the bios, changed PS, changed gpu, changed ram, and new display cable.  Gone through many gpu/adrenalin drivers.  (did the amd driver clean up).   The most recent adrenalin update really got the problem going again frequently.

So I tried something different!!!!  I used the display driver for my actual monitor from the mfg (in this case dell) not the windows 2006 version that windows wanted to use.  And never really see anyone suggest this as possible cure.

So to recap, I'm now on adrenaline 20.11.2 dated 11/13/20, using actual monitor driver not windows, running gpu default overclocked via adrenaline all the time, and I'm 2 weeks in and no black screen.   Maybe this is short lived.  But I've been pushing it hard having multiple pages up streaming multiple different things, trying everything that I use to avoid.  Play rainbow six and COD mostly. 

As many have suggested there are probably many different reasons for the black screen problem.  But maybe just maybe this will fix some.


Literally 30 seconds after my prior post it happened again.  Clicking on microsoft edge tab.   Oh well it had been running great for 2 weeks.  Who's laughing now??? 

**bleep**. I was gonna try that, too. All well, at least I was just able to finish Wasteland 3 without any issues. Hopefully they'll get it sorted. I'm still unable to finish the final boss fight in the fourth BL3 DLC and I'm also finally gonna tackle The Outer Worlds next, most likely, so...yeah. Thanks for you tip at any rate, dude.


still running better than ever just not totally glitch free


It's been over a month now and only the 1 crash!

Try using driver 20.8.3 and use DDU in safe mode to remove the driver. Display Driver Uninstaller Download version (  The newer drivers are for the 6000 series cards and while they provide "a" legacy driver, it's not normally very stable.

How old is the PSU and what brand/model/wattage? Check the GPU temp to make sure your not hitting 80c or higher. Being the card seems to be the oldest part in your build (PSU unknown), if the temp is sitting at 80c for long, the card is running too hot for it's age. 

If the PSU is questionable, swap it or put the card into another PC to see if the card still does it. All else fails, the GPU is probably end of days.

"It worked before you broke it!"

Power supply is less than year old Seasonic Platinum 650 Watt.  It was the first thing changed.  Temp's are fine I watch them while gaming etc.   My problem doesn't really happen during intensive gaming like many report on.  It just happens weird times, sometimes after start up, sometimes when I click on new brower tab.  With that said Seasonic reported issues with certain series PSU produced 2 years ago being to sensitive to spikes associated with AMD video cards.  The platinum is not in that category.

And so here is my new theory after the problem started up again this week.  Been Checking the event logs and it seems first event I can find is HID issues around audio driver specifically HID Compliant headset.   I'm using a Hyper X Cloud with USB controls interface. Having some sound issues during this round of crashes, started reading others with these headset are reporting similar issues and also random crashes.  One post suggested changing driver from HID compliant headset to HID compliant device.  I'm trying that now.  Others have stated that it's when they use the 7.1 surround.  Others have stated that just removing the usb interface and plugging directly into an audio jack fixes the issue (which I think also eliminates the 7.1 surround).

Maybe this is another rabbit trail.  If this doesn't work I'll go back to 20.8.3 as you suggested.

Thank you for the suggestions.




If you haven't used this tool I recommend doing so and just get the paid version of it so you can get to 800% coverage with NO errors.

Link: MemTest Manual (

RAM is a frequent flyer with this particular issue. Also check for a possible broken USB port on the case or board. Try disconnecting the case ports from the mobo header and use just a board port. Try a different keyboard/mouse if both are USB and in general unplug USB peripherals one at a time to see if any fix the problem.

"It worked before you broke it!"

I'll update my issue:  Everything I've tried seems to work for a week to a few weeks.  That's weird in itself.  Most crashes happen during web browsing not gaming.  Followed by black screens and have to hard restart.  Sometimes it just crashes on startup.  HID Device seems to be the only constant system error.  All devices plugged into board usb slots.  

Typically error comes when I use the mouse to click on a web browser page "doesn't matter which browser".

So last week problem was getting rampant again including more freezes on startup than ever before, so I looked at the mouse driver.  Mouse is a logitech g300 model.  driver was a windows driver.  So I installed the logitech software that controls the mouse (button control etc).  Now there are 2 drivers under mouse the windows driver and the logitech driver.  It's been a week no crash.

So to date over 2 years I've changed memory, power supply, display driver, display cables, tried hyper x headphones without usb device, driver for hid compliant headset, tried for a week with just 1 monitor, and now using logitech gaming software for the mouse. Wish me luck!