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Adept I

Could i crossfire Fury X with Fury?

I ask this question because I can't found AMD CrossFire Compatibility chart anywhere.

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Yes you can, but why would you considering crossfire/sli performance increase in many new games is non existant/low and additional cost of a good high quality/higher wattage psu.

Save your money, wait and see what new cards have to offer. 

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Thanks for your answer. I know that there are many games didn't support crossfire or low performance. But the new card is expensive and that means I have to sale my Fury X at a very low price. (about 160$) But fury will only cost about 130$. I already have a 900W power supply. I think using whit crossfire technology will help me keep a longer time without replacing my existing graphics card. Choosing to buy top/second-level graphics cards every year, I don’t think it’s a good way to save money. I used to replace a new card every two years(5970-7970-FuryX-) but in recent years I am disappointed with the performance of both RX580 and Vega64. So I think to buy a cheap Fury graphics card will be a good idea for me. 


I would google the games you think you want to play in crossfire. Even many of the once supported games don't currently work right in crossfire in the current drivers. Crossfire is pretty much unfortunately an abandoned software. Plus it tends to cause graphical glitches and stuttering in games that don't support crossfire and that worked just fine with one GPU. You are welcome to do what you want of course but do look into it before deciding to spend that money.


Thanks for your answer. I'm suprice that you said 'Crossfire is pretty much unfortunately an abandoned software' . I always think about crossfire is a good way to improve computer performance and will be future technology. So i can't understand why it was abandon. But this days i indeed have a problem about FarCry4 running in crossfire mode with R7 250+ A10 7850k(Yes, I really like the crossfire mode. )There is a problem with the screen flickering, switch off crossfire mode and then resume.  Finally I decided that i  would‘t  buy it because of 4G memory. 4G memory is not enough of many new games (In GTA5  4K resolution highest quality 4G memory is not enough ) I so sorry hear that crossfire was abandoned (I want confirm one thing that you mean that the crossfire is abandoned, or any multi-graphics technology (such as multiple graphics was abandoned.)


Well even in the best days of crossfire while they wanted you to think exactly what you do the crossfire nearly doubles performance it was rare that many games truly found this to be the cases. Some very few games did do and still do crossfire well (depending on drivers used and you may need to use old drivers). However many other games suffered from things like artifacts and lag and stuttering etc... because the two cards were installed and in use. Many people self included tried crossfire and or sli and found it to not live up to expectations and to not be worth the trade-offs of various issues. Most 3d sites and enthusiasts reccomend you use a single card solution that meets your needs when possible. It is certainly fine to still do crossfire if you mostly play a game that it works with and you don't mind any of the adverse effects it may cause other games. You can google Crossfire Compatibility List and see for yourself that limited games that ever supported it to begin with and most of those being quite old now. That being the best point, that even mid level current gen cards run those older games at way above acceptable frame-rates with one card.

It is nearly abandoned as moving forward it does not exist in current API after DX 11. DX 11 supports Crossfire of course that still means the game and the driver have to support it too in DX 11 and that support is pretty bad at best right now.  DX 12 DOES NOT SUPPORT CROSSFIRE OR SLI.  Moving forward DX 12 supports what is called Multi-GPU and this is a low API level supported setup that requires the game engine itself support it too not the driver. So far very few DX 12 games support or have announced support for upcoming DX 12 titles. Several developers have said and many tech sights have said that due to so few people actually using multiple cards out there that the developers don't find it worth their time to implement the support into the game engine to do multi-gpu. This is an opinion or my opinion it is a fact of how things currently are. I for one would love if I could add a new card in along side the one I have and gain more power. However it doesn't appear that is where the market is going at this time. Nobody knows what changes will happen down the road that could bring things full circle or change to a different tech all together. More likely we will be looking at a future where more gaming will be done with the graphics being processed in the cloud and streamed to your computer. So I would not hold out too much hope for widespread use of local multiple gpu's ever being used again at least not as we currently know them. None of us have any idea what the distant future will truly bring. The unfortunate truth is the PC gamers make up a small part of who developers write games for. These days it is primarily Consoles and Mobile games. With PC being around 40% in 2014 and some sites saying currently around 20-30%. Then the statistics say that of those numbers only about 3% mess with trying to use more than one GPU in their PC. So honestly it is such a small amount of demand that I get why the developers could care less to support it.

So again these are not negative opinions of Crossfire and sorry if you take it that way. None of us here made it that way and I would love it, if it wasn't.

If it meets your needs that is awesome. Just realize you are in a very small minority of gamers and also realize that games supported right now could have the support disappear in drivers. It has already happened with many.

Again glad that it meets you needs and I truly hope you get as long as you want out of your fury cards. Realize that with new AAA titles coming in the next year or two even the 4gb's of memory on those cards will begin to be an issue if you want to play at high or better settings.

Thanks for your answer. Finally i decided would not buy a nwe fury card because of 4G memory. I sorry to hear about your negative opinion of crossfire. I always believe that crossfire especially AMD crossfire (not sli) will be the best way to i,prove performance . But it seems that is not ture.  I really like crossfire technology because it could extend hardware replacement time and achieve higher performance at lower cost. Maybe these results are what hardware companies don't want to see, after all, this makes their new product sales lower. When someone don't care about power consumption crossfire still be a good way. But i indeed it not work well.  

Adept I

i have 2 fury x crossfire the performance gain is is amazing in almost everything I play and it will still work with dx12 mgpu. I cant justify buying a Radeon vii when my current set up beats it in every 3dmark test.


Short answer yes.

Long answer yes BUT you shouldn't. Aside from multiple GPU performance being junk and Crossfire being dead (DirectX 12 and Vulkan use multiple GPU features of the API, AMD and nVidia have nothing to do with it), AMD has effectively abandoned the Fury and earlier series, which is why the slower RX 580 performs faster than a Fury X. Also, the only way to get a Fury series card now is by buying used, and many of the Fury series cards were run to death by miners before 8GB became the minimum. As it stands right now the Fury X is still quite a capable card and, contrary to marketing, the 4GB VRAM, despite being extremely fast HBM, is still just 4GB.

Adept I

I am sitting on a Vega 64 Crossfire rig. Performance depends on the game you're playing. I get great scaling on GTAV, Rise of The Tomb Raider, Sniper Elite 4, Strange Brigade, Metro Last Light, Prey, and Shadow of Mordor.

I also have a Fury X-Fury Crossfire setup and that actually uses Crossfire better than Vega. It seems like Radeon worked out the Crossfire kinks for Fury, but neglected to do so for Vega. Vega Crossfire is less stable and doesnt even work correctly in some games (Dues Ex:MD, Shadow of The Tomb Raider).

I will run some benchmarks over the weekend. I have been considering selling my Vega's and keeping the Fury's. Despite Radeon dropping Fury support (a 570 4GB competes with it in some modern titles SMFH), it is still good enough for 1080p, even with its 4GB HBM. All you need to do is turn down textures or other nonsense settings. 

It might be worth it to you IF the games you play support it. I will keep you posted.