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Journeyman III

Consistent Green Screen Crash while playing COD MWII

I have had a long history with green screen crashing occasionally on other games such as Warzone & Sea of Thieves, and it only seems to appear consistently while I try to play these games for a few days and then it does not happen until it comes back a month or two later. I've gotten a green screen at some point in time on about every game I have played.

However, with MWII's release I am trying to play and it is constantly green screen crashing me every round. I have tried a DDU, updating drivers, and most other things people suggest for the green screen issue and none have worked at a permanent fix.

If there are any different specifications that you'd like to see in order to debug please ask.


GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT

CPU: Amd Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor

Ram: 16GB (MW2 usage in benchmark 5.12 GB)

GPU Driver: 22.10.2

Windows 10 Version 21H2

Display Resolution: 1920x1088

VRAM used by game in benchmark: 4.30/5.96 GB

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Journeyman III



The best option:

Remove any non-essential devices such as external hard drives, printers and such (and do not connect them for a while to see if problem persists)

Update BIOS to latest version and leave it to default for now, do not even enable XMP/DOCP. If problems don't appear, try enabling XMP/DOCP and SAM. Also recommended to enable virtualization.

Do a clean reinstall of windows with a usb stick (if you have multiple harddrives, you could check them for defects by installing software from disk manufacturers website - usually each brand of drives requires it's own software) and also scan those drives against viruses)

Install chipset and GPU drivers from AMD's website. If you find yeallow triangles from hardware manager install required additional drivers from motherboard manufacturers website.

Do not install anything unnecessary - only Steam or Epic or whatever you use, one game which used to cause issues and that is it. No discord, no Chrome, no MSI afterburner, nothing.

OR you could try as a faster solution:

Update BIOS to latest version and leave it to default for now, do not even enable XMP/DOCP

Scan computer for viruses

run chkdsk /F from command prompt

run sfc /scannow from command prompt

Uninstall old drivers  

(re-)install chipset drivers (doesn't matter if you already have the latest ones) 

(re-)install GPU drivers (doesn't matter if you already have the latest ones) 

and if this doesn't work, see the "Best option"


Didn't realize it is a brand new game. Would likely wait for new driver to appear, but... Since I would hate not to be able to play a new game, I would likely try to disable everything in graphics settings which changes anything else than resolution. Just select medium to everything. Do not use any Radeon setting, not not cap FPS, not not use FSR or anything, clouds, lighting, shadows and everything to something which requires as little as possible so if there is a bug, it is least likely to affect anything.


Try 22.10.3 There was MW II support written in release notes


Already using 22.10.3


I'm having major problems with 22.10.3 driver, also tried older 22.10.2 and before.  people on YouTube have started to post videos on the problem