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Journeyman III

Carte graphique qui chauffe Hot spot 110°


Ayant récemment acheter une Radeon 7900xtx 24Go, je me suis aperçu que en pleine charge la température Hotspot avoisinait les 100-110°.

Cela, je le c'est bien ce n'ais pas Normal... J'ai également vu sur divers forums, qu'il y a un problème de conception du refroidissement. J'ai également vu que AMD prenait sous garantie les carte qui présentait ce défaut. 

Ma question est donc de savoir, comment bénéficier de cette garantie au prêt de AMD.


Ma config:

- CPU 7800X3D

- RAM 6200 DDR5 32GO

- Carte Mère MSI MAG 

- ALIMENTATION 850W 80 plus Gold

- refroidissement CPU MSI liquide 360.

- boitier ATX 

- 3 VENTIRAD entré d'air, 3 ventirad extraction radiateur et 1 ventirad extraction.


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Translation of OP Post:

Screenshot 2024-05-09 074637.png

If you believe you received one of the defective 7900XTX GPU cards open a AMD SUPPORT - WARRANTY ticket and ask them from here:


They will be able to determine if your have a defective GPU card that needs to be RMAed. But since you live in France than you are covered by EU Consumer laws and you need to go to the EU Retailer for Warranty issues.


Note: Temperatures up to 110c is within its operating temperature. But it shouldn't get that hot under normal use.


Please translate your next reply into English.

thank you for this feedback.


when it rises to 110° that's when it pushes to the max, I can see it in view of the Watts it consumes.

For you there is nothing to worry about?

because it's the first graphics card I have that heats up this much and especially since there is such a difference between the Hotspot temperature and the contour. on average I am between 30 and