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Journeyman III

Can't force Windows to use integrated graphics

So I have an intel 12700k and an AMD FirePro W2100 temporarly installed until I get a new GPU.

I mainly have the GPU installed so that I have two DisplayPort connectors.

I tried running Minecraft and it runs pretty bad, I wanted to try and run it using the iGPU of the intel CPU, I went into the graphics settings of Windows and added the javaw.exe file and selected the powersaving mode for that app, which would be the iGPU.

The Problem is that it seems that the AMD driver override this option? Minecraft still uses the AMD GPU instead of the iGPU.

I have Radeon Pro Software installed but I can't find any options for switchable graphics or something similiar.

Thanks for your help.

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Journeyman III

bump, anybody?


There is no switchable graphics option for desktop systems, you'll have to go old school and disconnect/disable the amd card or boot with intel graphics ?


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Get into the BIOS and enable the Intel Graphics.  Windows does not control that.

By the same token, when you install a dedicated GPU then disable the integrated graphics or suffer problems.

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It's activated in BIOS you can have both active, that's why you can choose in the seetings app if an app should use iGPU or dedicated GPU.

If I set some other app to the power saving mode task manager actually shows me that it's running on GPU 0, the iGPU.

But when the minecraft launcher launches the Java application it shows as GPU 1, the dedicated GPU.