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Journeyman III

¿Can I use a Mining GPU for Gaming?


I have recently acquired a used Nitro Radeon RX 470 8Gb GDDR5 Mining Quad UEFI graphic card. I was wondering if I can use it as a gaming GPU.

It's the 11256-37 and I know it doesn't have any output in the plate, but if remove it, an HDMI port can be seen.

Do I have to buy a different plate for this GPU? Right now I don't have a PSU to test it, and I am willing to buy one but I want to be sure if I can use the GPU first.

If the answer is no, is there a software I can use to check its status? I don't know how long this GPU was used for mining, and if I am going to sell it, I think this can be helpful to stablish a fair price.

Thanks a lot for the responses and sorry for my english.

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Not saying you won't get an answer here (unfortunately I don't know), somebody may know. In the interest of expediting an answer I would also ask this question to the company that made your card. 

Adept III

If you want to test the port, just take off the bracket and lie your PC flat(motherboard facing upwards) instead of in tower position so that the unsecured GPU doesn't fall out..... if the port works, you can either buy a new bracket or modify your existing bracket using a dremel or something to cut out the hole..... just make sure to do it far away from your PC, and wash the bracket when done modifying so you don't end up with metal shavings in your PC.

If you don't have a PSU to test it with, possibly borrow one..... I seriously doubt you're going to get a quick and definite answer if the port is active or not, as most gamers probably avoid mining cards that don't appear to have any ports...... you're probably just going to have to test this yourself.

Adept III

I think I found an answer for you over at Toms Hardware.
It looks like the answer is no, the HDMI port apparently doesn't work, and Sapphire when contacted to see if a BIOS flash could make it work, told the person that the port was on the PCB but not actually electrically connected....... so it looks like it's going to be a no unfortunately