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Journeyman III

Can AMD support provide bioses?

I want a bios for a 2 Gb one of these for science, no questions asked

2 Gb 64 bit, 640 shaders, Lexa core.

I don't think these cards were actually ever made, they are only listed on AMDs website.

I have tried emailing AMD support, but sure I don't actually have said card since it was never made. 

Please I need this bios.


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Community Manager

No AMD cannot provide BIOS. We do not recommend changing the BIOS as you may damage your GPU and invalidate your warranty. 


Erm my card is like 3+ years old, out of warranty and was only £50.

I've already played around with it and bricked it multiple times with bios flashing just for fun, then boot up using my iGPU and flash it back to stock.

I have a 512 shader Radeon 550 and would simply like a bios for 640 shaders to see if it works. If it bricks I simply reflash the stock bios.

Its easy peasy child's play.

Community Manager

AMD do not provide BIOS files to end users.