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Adept II

Call of duty modern warfare closes by it's own.

When i play Cod MW after a few minutes, of  gameplay the game suddenly freezes and the game closes by it's own, i do not know what to do. Core I5 , 8GB RAM , R9 380 4GB. WIN 10 .Anyone has the same problem? The problem exists with Current/Previous drives. I have "clean install" the drivers but still.... Maybe it is  Activision's fault.

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Journeyman III

Usually, when games just close themselves it means they don't get enough RAM. In the requirements, it says it needs 8Gb and u have 8Gb total, but the OS will use a decent portion of it, +iirc whatever is in your VRAM will get mirrored into the RAM. I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure it needs more memory. You can increase a paging file (a file on ur hard drive that will act as an extension of RAM, but hard drive's reading speed is much slower than a RAM's and chances are ur game will just stutter) or just buy more RAM, it's the easiest and cheapest part to upgrade :') 8Gb is not enough for any modern games anyway

Yes i could just buy more ram however the problem is that i have 2x4 GB, M/B supports max 8GB, it has 2 slots for RAM . Might increase paging file with an ssd. I will try it.