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Adept II

Black screens and system crashes. Gigabyte Rx5600 XT OC.

Hello, I recently purchased a Gigabyte RX 5600 Xt. For two weeks it worked correctly, but since I upgraded to the new bios the performance is horrible. Continuous black screens and system crashes. I cleaned the system with DDU and reinstalled the latest drivers, but the problem continues. Greetings.
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Adept I

Had same card with same issue, my rx5600xt died after a week. Try to flash back old bios... there's some problems with new bios for gigabyte rx 5600 xt gaming oc 6g and amd drivers. To put it straight, this gigbyte version dont boost well with new bios.


Thanks for your answer! I have installed the other version of BIOS that they have on their support page and it does not work correctly either. I find it incredible and a kick in the balls for customers by AMD. Sell a product with so many performance problems, incompatible software and so little information and no solution from them. It seems they have left the job half done. I hope they fix it quickly as possible, if I had known I would have bought the RTX 2060 without thinking. Until AMD solves this huge problem, this card is a very expensive paperweight.
Adept II

hello, i know it has been months since you wrote this. I am having this issue now, and i have run out of return window, so i am either stuck with this card or gonna issue RMA. Have you found any solutions yet?


Guess not...

And AMD doesnt even feel they should reply to people with these issues...

I was a huge fan of AMD, but that`s starting to change...


Try using the Radeon software and the “Performance Tuning" to manually set the maximum power limit by -0.2 to -0.3. If the black screen issues goes away the card is clocked too high. Note limiting the boost frequency for example does not appear to give the same results as setting the power down.  Good luck!

Unfortunatelu, I tried that several times already ;/