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Journeyman III

Black screen with rx 5600 xt

While playing games like cs go and the new call of duty i used to get black screens that suddenly pops up. First the game freezes for like 2 seconds, then the black screen pops up but i can still hear the game for a moment and see the mouse. At last, after 5 seconds, it's just a black screen that i have no control over. Once or twice it did actually reboot it self but for the past couple times I had to reboot it with the power button. It is very frustrating that this happen everytime and everyday. Makes no sense to me either.

My specs:

Ryzen 5 3600

RX 5600 XT

B450 tomahawk max

16 GB ram 3200Mhz

CV550 80+ bronze power supply

Three fans in the case from Deepcool

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Adept II

I have the same problem with a 5700XT. It's been worse since I updated the drivers to 20.2.4. 

Do you use Freesync? Do you use "Enhanced Sync" ? What kind of screen(s) do you use?

Journeyman III

So i've been having an issue regarding RX 5600 XT XFX THIXX III Pro, I would play modern Warfare no OC(OverClock) or UC(UnderClock) just normal standard gaming mode. Anyways It would turn off my monitor and tell me no hdmi input.

My Computer would still running just refusing to go back on the monitor,

thought it was the following:


HDMI CABLE tried 3


Motherboard and such i tested all of it and did all the updates for them including this magnificent Beast of a GPU.

after a few evenings after work i found the problem,

It is too fudging BIG  i saw that the GPU sags a bit so i took a few lego and built a Brace for it to push it up.

Comes down to the card being too heavy and gravity pulling it down legitly the reason i was struggling, it just made a half a mm not contact with my motherboard that is all So try it if you think this might be your problem

or try running your card vertical with the force of natural gravity