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Journeyman III

Black screen when I switch to full screen on games or internet

Good morning,

I get a black screen when going full screen on games or on Youtube, Netflix, etc. I think the problem comes from the driver?

I have an RX460 with Adrenaline 22q4, the latest version does not solve the problem.

I reinstalled my OS and nothing happened When I play windowed, no problem...

If you can help me, thank you very much! Sincerely

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Volunteer Moderator

Well, you asked us to delete your account.  But before you go into the ether, have you tried to install an older version of the Adrenalin drivers?  Personally, I would not reinstall Windows without trying just about everything else.  The fact that your video card displays the game in windowed mode must mean there is some glitch happening when going to full screen.  Try searching the Internet for a solution too.  Here are some ideas I found:

  • Updating GPU and monitor drivers, clean install.

  • Disabling and enabling HDR in both windows and the games.

  • Changing resolutions in both windows via the Adrenaline Panel and games.

  • Switching Vsync on/off and Freesync Premium Pro with the monitor settings and OSD Sidekick.

  • Tried to force the refresh rate to be equal in both windows and games capping them in game settings.

  • Turning Overdrive setting on/off.

  • Changing RGB from full to auto with monitor settings.

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