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Journeyman III

Black screen , gpu not loading properly asrock 5700xt

Hey guys , 

so for a few weeks now i have a problems with presumably my amd gpu .

i am using a hdmi cable - older monitor doesnt have a display port - and been using it like that for a about a year without any problems whatsoever , except sometimes custom fan curve reset upon start up but thats a driver issue i guess. But lately for a few weeks now i have been experiencing problems ,when starting up the windows 10 , there is no video output most of the time , when turning pc on and off a few times it eventually works and everything is fine . no crashes , nothing . 

weird thing is , that the pc works even with no screen / black screen , i know this because i can connect to the pc on my ipad via anydesk and i can normally use it , except that the 5700 xt is not showing up and the pc says it is connected to the integrated gpu on my 9900k . but the cable is actually inserted in the 5700 xt .

When i insert the hdmi cable into the MB hdmi output , everything is always fine . pc starts up perfectly fine.

also when it is inserted in the 5700 xt and i managed to get it work , the pc startup is weird , black screen all the way until the windows lock screen (i mean where you are prompted to enter your password). and sometimes also when it works i think the gpu fans go wild for a few secs to like a 3000 rpm . 

tried new hdmi cable , same result . tried new supply , same result. also the gpu was i think it is called rma? back within the warranty 1 time because the first one made a rattling sound , and this one was replaced with a new one (not repaired) and it still is in a warranty for about 1 year.

pc specs : 

MB z390 d gigabyte 

cpu i9 9900k not oc 

gpu asrock 5700 xt challenger 

16 gb ram ddr4 

supply (the new one) evga 850w bq


any help appreciated.

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