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Adept II

Black screen crash subject

i have tried everything am tired

if this doesn't get fixed am getting 3060 Ti which is sad cause i dont like Nvidia 


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Adept II

what CPU is everyone using?>


My black screen issue - which was a bit of an a simplification - the GPU was powering down under load.  I can only conclude it was due to a faulty unit.  After trying everything, I bought a new card, worked 100% perfectly fine.  Probably will not buy ASRock again...

My CPU is the Ryzen 7 3800X paired with a Radeon RX 5700 XT.

Not sure if you already know that since you linked me your post But thought I'd reply.

Mine also has a batch code 2003 SUS (can't remember the first part). Apparently that means made in 2020 Week 3, Suzhou, and Saratoga - if you believe this: Link

AMD support hasn't replied to me over a week now sadly (less if you don't include weekends).



I wonder if there's something wrong with cpu's? 

Unless someone here with AMD card with intel cpu


I have an AMD GPU with an Intel CPU and I also have this type of problem, my bet is that it is a problem between the AMD drivers with the latest Windows security updates.

can be... but have u tried switching ram with some other?


In my particular case, all the problems started two days after these Windows updates came in, after a whole year without problems of any kind and without making any changes to the computer. So I have no doubt where the problem comes from and that they will end up releasing an update to correct it.

Unfortunately it is a matter of patience.