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Journeyman III

Black screen and no signal after the pc is on

I have a problem.I have R9 380 4GB from GIGABYTE,and i have a adapter from dvi-d to vga since my monitor only has a vga port.Last week I was playing csgo with my friend and all of a sudden i got a black screen.I turned my pc off and turned it on after about 5 seconds and i had no signal.I took out my adapter and plugged my vga cable into the motherboard and i had signal but my gpu was not there and instead i had and i still have intel hd.Can somebody please help??

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I love how your using the VGA cables But.

Try this. Set your driver to default

Uninstall your driver an install this one. 

The problem is that my pc doesnt recoqnize the GPU at all,because i dont have anything plugged in it,but i have a hdmi cable and a tv monitor so i will plug it in tomorrow to see if it works.Also should i unistall my Intel HD drivers or they will dissapear when i get signal from GPU.Also i tried plugging my pc to my sisters laptop which has a VGA port but that didn't work and i just windows on my sister account.I tried plugging a hdmi cable to my moms laptop and that didn't work,because the same thing happened,it started on my moms account.


This advice is only to address the black screening.


ok,thanks a lot


if there is a problem just uninstall it. An try an older one.


I have another question,should i buy a adapter from hdmi to vga if my gpu is ok with hdmi,or should i sell my vga monitor and buy a more modern monitor with lets say 75Hz


I would. When the You know what issue is over. i always buy a backup i know i can use in case of an issue. At some point you are just gonna brake down an buy a new monitor. Then another one. Then another one. An the whole time saying. Ill get rid of this one. Then you find you have 3 monitors an say I NEED ANOTHER ONE!


How much do you think i should spend on a monitor.I looked on the internet and saw that my monitor sells for about 50$.I also went on youtube and found a couple of good reviews on a Spectre E205W-16003R,and thinking about buying it.Because adapter can damage your ports over time and i dont want to spend money all the time on adapters,so i will buy a new monitor.If you know a good monitor for about little less over 100$,let me know


Nothing over 150 bucks American. Everyone wants to talk about 2K and 4K yeah if you are in a living room. Yes with a new XBOX Sure 4K would make sense on a 42Inch Monitor or 4K TV. But if you are sitting at a desktop. You only need 1080p 60 to 144Hz.

An where i shop is NewEgg or SuperBiiz or Amazon. In that order.

The things you are looking for is Display port and HDMI if that fails, FreeSync,144Hz and 23inchs

Example 144 Hz, FreeSync (AMD Adaptive Sync), 1, 1, Gaming Monitors, Monitors, Computer Systems - 

Wait until they go on sale near the end of the month. The very last week an buy them cheap. Sometimes in the middle of the month they have a big sale an prices drop down to half.


thanks man




HI,I tried plugging my pc into the tv monitor with hdmi,and i got no signal and my pc just beeped 2 times,do you know the problem may be


I really don't know. I found this video on the subject though.

From my experience though.When i had no signal its because i had it on the wrong channel.

PC HDMI to Tv No Signal FIX!

So i don't think it would beep if that where the cause. So you may not have your power cables hooked up to your GPU.