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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

Black Screen after updates

Current hardware:

Processor (CPU): AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
Mainboard: MSI B550-A PRO
Power supply: Seasonic Focus
Graphics card: Radeon RX 6700 XT
2 monitors, LG and Samsung

The PC was bought as a complete PC, I only added an SSD. But that was right after the purchase some time ago. So I think everything should have been connected correctly and matched in terms of power supply and graphics card.


Describe your problem:

For a few days I have had the problem that the PC or the monitors no longer wake up from sleep. A quick search shows that there have probably been problems with AMD cards and sleep mode for some time. This wasn't really a problem for me before.

After rebooting, the AMD software said that the drivers were not correct.
After a few reinstall, reboot and sleep cycles, the screens no longer display anything at all, not even when booting or BIOS.
When I switch on the PC, the screen activates but stays black, then shows no signal and goes back to sleep.


What steps have you already taken/tried to solve the problem and what has it achieved?

I uninstalled the graphics drivers via UDD (when there was still a picture) and tried different driver versions.
According to a post in the AMD forum, the problem should not occur with the Pro drivers if you use the ones from Q4 22.
Without success.

I deactivated driver updates in Windows, as otherwise an error occurred during driver installation.
I also deactivated sleep and hybrid sleep.

I reset the bios via the CMOS button. I also installed the latest version.

I have tried different HDMI and Displayport cables as well as individual monitors and all ports.

I removed the graphics card, started the computer without the graphics card, I don't think the MB has onboard graphics, switched it off again, put the graphics card back in, restarted. Re-installed the driver, but still the same.

I hope I have described the problem clearly and that someone else has an idea of what else I could try.

Thank you

A small addendum
I have just done this because I have seen that it is better to connect the graphics card with 2 separate power cables.
Fortunately, the screen came on, I uninstalled the drivers via AMD CleanUp and not UDD, rebooted, started AMD driver installation, and now everything is dark again...

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Adept II

i have same problem dont know what to do done everything nothing black screens cant play flight sim 2020 or dcs world brand new rx 6700xt qick 319 

Journeyman III

So, another small addition

This morning, after several attempts, it started up and booted into Windows. The graphics drivers were not active there. I then removed everything else using the AMD Cleaner, went for a walk for an hour, and lo and behold the PC was still running. Stupid as I was, I then started the current driver installation and with the first screen flickering was dark and I get no signal again.


What irritates me is, if it's the Windows AMD drivers, why can't I even go into the BIOS? Shouldn't the screen only go blank when Windows is started?
What could be the reason that sometimes something comes up and sometimes not?