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Journeyman III

Black and frozen screens

I build my own high end computer 4 weeks ago with a gigabite radeon 6800 gpu.I have about 10 times have had black screens and frozen screens,when that happens,i get error messages from amd software that says the timelimit has run out for one of your drivers.Or it says Amd crash defender detected and restored from a possible system crash caused by one of your screen drivers.

So my questions is,why am i having issues with drivers when i have the latest windows 11 update and amd driver update?

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Adept II

It's a problem with the AMD drivers themselves, it will keep happening until they fix their drivers.

Some recommended disabling hardware acceleration in whatever you use (discord, chrome etc).

Happens to me aswell, at the moment I'm using 22.5.1 (WHQL) minimum installation with no setting enabled and it hasn't happened yet, i hope it won't cause in other cases it happened to me alot

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I reinstall drivers every 10 days because something is messing with them and Im sure its windows.