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Journeyman III

big difference between GPU temperature and hotspot Red Devil RX 6650 XT

I recently assembled my PC and noticed this problem. In some games my hotspot is too high, while the temperatures are fine. I read that these video cards can have a high hotspot and this is normal, but I would still like to find out from knowledgeable people what I should do about it. And if I need to do undervolt, please tell me the settings. My card is Red Devil RX 6650 XT


Screenshot Risk Of Rain 2 (Max settings, 2560 x 1440 resolution)

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FYI: The Maximum Operating Temperature or Hot Spot for your GPU card is 110c. So if it reaches 100c it is still within it operating temperature.

Though it is best to try and run both the CPU and GPU as cool as possible.


Thank you! I will try to install additional fans in computer case, perhaps the problem is that it has little ventilation