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Adept I

Asus dual rx6600xt black screen via HDMI monitor Acer v277

Hello. Looking ahead, the monitor is fully working and worked through hdmi with all video cards without problems, there were gtx 1080 msi gaming x and asus rog strix rx480 8g. I contacted those support for Asus and Acer, solutions were not found remotely.

Chieftronic GPU-750FC 750W
Crosshair vi hero x370 bios 8002
Ryzen 3600x
HyperX 2666 2/16
rx 6600xt asus dual 8g
monitor Acer v277bip
Windows 10 pro 20H2

The problem, when connected via HDMI, through different working cables 1.4, 2.0b, shows a black screen and a sign "Input not supported" not to be confused with a sign "no signal" there is a signal, judging by the postcode on the motherboard, is loaded without errors, is included in bios and boot into windows but no image. When connected via DisplayPort, the image shows in bios and windows, but with a rare problem without drivers, when booting into windows, the screen may start blinking, in bios UEFI this was also noticed, a reboot helped. After installing the Adrenalin drivers on 21.10.2, the problem disappeared, no blinking appeared, an image appeared with hdmi, but only after booting windows - after a welcome, and in bios UEFI there is still a black screen and a sign "Input not supported" via HDMI. I connected it to a TV 42Lb673V 2014 via HDMI and another monitor, everything works there in bios and in Windows.
Most likely the problem is that the HDMI monitor is incompatible with this video card, but is this possible? Has anyone come across this and how to solve the problem? I thought all ports are backward compatible like USB.

1. I took exactly the same second video card, the problem repeated itself
2. In the BIOS UEFI settings, disabled and enabled CSM compatibility mode, tried only Legacy and only UEFI
3. I inserted a video card into another system, with a motherboard z87-g41 pc mate
4. Rearranged in different pci-e on my motherboard
5. Removed via DDU and installed drivers from the official site of AMD and Asus
6. On the official site of Asus there is no Bios for the video card

7.Disable and enable fast boot

sorry if it is badly written, translated by google

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Adept I

Maybe a video card via HDMI without drivers and in the UEFI BIOS does not show the correct resolution or the refresh rate that this monitor does not understand as clear? I don't know anymore what the reason could be