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Journeyman III

asrock rx 590 overheating

Ive had my pc for about 3.5/4 years now and i had to change gpu twice since the first 2 were faulty, ive had the asrock 590 for about 2/2.25 years now and ive had soo many problems with it. Recently i downloaded Rust and tried to play but sitting only in the menu gave me a black screen with 100% fan speed, ive had this issue before on other games but it just fixes itself sometimes, i know its from the gpu temps since i asked amd themselves. I saw that there are a lot of people who have this problem and i saw a forum here that it was "solved" i tried to undervolt my gpu and these were the results:
voltage at 1150 using Superposition Benchmark crashed with black screen and 100% fans with max temp around 82C, 83C.
voltage at 1140 finished with results 2453 min gpu temp: 49.0C max gpu temp: 83C gpu util:100%
voltage at 1130 finished with results 2450 min gpu temp:47.0C max gpu temp:83C gpu util:100%
voltage at 1120 crashed again with black screen and 100% fans and again max temp around 82C to 83C benchmark test result: 2453 benchmark test result:2450

PC specs:
cpu: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 6 cores
gpu: asrock rx 590 8gb
motherboard: b450m s2h
ram: teamgroup t-force vulcan z 16gb (2*8) ddr4-3200
psu: thermaltake smart rgb 700 W 80+
case: kolink vault red

Please know the pc was a pre built for around 650 euros back in 2019!

P.S ive tried to remove my front panel to see if it lowered my temps and it did, but the fans were way to loud

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