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Journeyman III

APUs need to be better.

I think APUs need to be better. The 5600g is 110$ more than the MSRP of the previous 3400g which is 73% more money than hardware from years ago. 3400g has `11 Vega cores at 1400mhz, the 5600g has 7 at 1900. The performance you gain is horrible compared to what you gain for newer hardware at that price. My personal opinion is that people who want a G series processor don't want more cores on the CPU side but more GPU cores for gaming performance. If AMD made another vega 11 processor when the Cezanne came out it could be as fast as the 1050 ti if overclocked. These APUs should be for 1080p low settings, not 720p low settings or under.

For the new APUS coming out, why would you go for RDNA 2? the 3400g came with vega when vega desktop graphics came out. It should come with RDNA 3 and launch with desktop graphics cards.

The APUs should also be pushed to their limits. If the goal is to replace a graphics card that pulls at least an extra 70w we should get an APU like that with good cooling.

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I agree with some of what you are saying, I also expected the integrated graphics to be stronger already.

But, I think the only way to achieve dramatic improvements are to make them custom like in the consoles or a separate socket that allows the die size to be larger. They currently have to keep the die sizes the same as the normal processors, which I think limits the available space.

The xbox one for example had a much larger die or chip size, so it had like the GPU chip of a HD 7790 (or something like that) and then 8 energy efficient CPU cores built around that graphics chip. As you can see here I think this is larger than standard size:


That small block in the middle is likely the HD 7790 (if I remember correctly) GPU chip itself, and on integrated graphics I bet it is 1/3rd of that size.