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Adept I

AORUS RX 5700 XT 8GB - Driver timeout error

Hello hello, 
My name is Raul,

I like others have tried everything(''solutions'') I found online, DDU at least 15x times in 15 different ways(safe mode, or none), installing the new driver, old driver, with or without the  Adrenaline software, through or without the device manager door, flashing the bios of the GPU &/or of the motherboard bios by upgrading, downgrading, new ones, old ones, even reinstalling windows 11 multiple times, then tried with windows 10 multiple times, I even have applied new thermal paste & thermal pads on the GPU, the GPU or junction  temperature is definitely not the cause of the issue, tried all the bios settings, literally all the different settings, I even upgraded my PSU buying the Corsair RM650x 2021, testing my RAM, bought new SSD, tried undorvolting, overvolting or overclocking the GPU, the same with my CPU, with or without the FreeSync, bought a 4k hmdi, bought an 8k hdmi, tried high or low refresh rate, etc I definitely do not remember everything I tried in the last 3 weeks, but! 
I have literally tried everything to stop getting the driver timeout error while playing AS Valhalla or Red Dead Redemption 2. 
I'm literally tired of this error. 

My PC setup is: 

Ryzen 9 3900x
MSI X570 Gaming Plus
Kingstone Fury Hyper 32 GB (2x16) 3200 MHz

1x SSD 500GB WD Black SN 750 & 1x SSD WD Black 1TB WD Black SN 850
PSU Corsair RM650X 2021 
Graphic card is Gigabyte AORUS RX 5700 XT rev. 1.0
Monitor is AOC 27'' Q27G2U/BK 144 Hz - 2560-1440

The card was bought in start of April 2022. 

Did anyone found a real software fix, or, are you AMD going to come out with a driver or a guide about how to fix this before you're going to loose all of us, or before we give up and move to the green team? 

Looking forward to(hopefully) hear from you guys, or from you AMD. 

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Adept I

Sadly I bring bad news.  I am fairly certain that the drivers are just rubbish.  My 6600 XT gets that same error constantly and by process of elimination it cannot be anything else.


I agree, unfortunately AMD don't give a **bleep** "shot" about it, and sooner or later no ones will return to an AMD card too soon! 


I am RMAing my card today.  Getting an Nvidia one.  I've had enough.


Indeed, so many similar threads out here, and no AMD official reply on any of them.. they really have no reaction. 


I think I figured out what is going on.  It is Powerplay, aka, v-bios settings that make the cards dynamically alter speed as needed.  It is WAY too aggressive, specifically when lowering and this causes issues with windows.  Since I don't care about energy saving and just want a working card, altering the bios is on the cards.  I'll let you know if I get it fixed.

Let me know what you did if it has anything with DS_ under features in more power tools which are deep sleep states?


As I said! I tried everything, overvolting the GPU, new PSU, still same ''lovely'' AMD error/black screen! 
Still, If, AMD will not bring an official post or an official update or guide, soon everyone will move to the green team! 
Unfortunately, soon I'll decide to invest into a new green card, I'll never come back to the AMD's GPUs. 

After disabling DEP, you need to reinstall the system driver again, because. they may already be damaged and not working properly. Not only video card drivers, but also chipset drivers.


Of course i did a DDU after that, snd still getting the error! 🤬


I have a RX 5500 XT 4GB Radeon pulse, And I had the same driver timeout problem when using Netflix and YouTube. I did all things I found on YouTube and amd site, After Lots of attempts I finally found a Fix myself.

Go to Bios and changes these settings .

Enable - ioapic 24-119 entries

Primary Display - PCIE



I start to believe that these "solution" replies are made by AMD, as all over online I see exactly the same comments, literally  copy paste...


Il be honest with you man. I made a post long ago about my gpu....

Only solution is to throw it into the trash and get nvidia, belive me you will go mental with this card and AMD. They will not even give you RMA , nothing. Im sorry but this is the truth. Im victim of this problem


Good day!
The main reason for this error is Windows DEP. Run a command prompt as an administrator and type bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff and press Enter. After that, restart your computer: the next time you log into this system, DEP will be disabled. The error will disappear.


Nope, It didn't fixed the errors, still getting the driver timeout error. 
But thanks for the idea!