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Adept I

Antialiasing low fps in all games.

Hello there,

 I just need to know why I can't use Msaa 8x  in any games without getting  20-15 fps ....

Antialising works fine, however i can play only MSAA 4x because 8x is just too much for the card and i'm getting such low fps.

I have low fps even in older games such as Assassins Creed Unity, or World of Warcraft when using Msaa x8

Tested this on R9 280 and RX 480 8Gb having same fps issue in those games.

Now i'm using RX 580 with same results.

Tested it during 3 years of gaming with different drivers.

For example AC: Unity -   Ultra settings with Antialiasing Off =  60 fps

                                          Ultra with FXAA =  50 fps

                                          Ultra with MSAA 4x =  36 fps

                                          Ultra with MSAA 8x = 20-15 fps

Same results is with World of warcraft, Far cry 4,  Crysis 3,  or other AC games.

I have this specs:

PC:  Intel i7 5820k

        16GB DDR4  2133Mhz CL 13

        Msi X99A Tomahawk

        Asus RX580 8Gb   Driver 18.7.1

        Win 7 pro x64

Its the problem of my PC or just common problem of Radeon cards, that they can't handle with higher msaa antialising ?


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