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Graphics Cards

AMD XConnect, no newer GPU's supported?

The most recent card that the amd website says is supposed is a AMD 5k series.

Are they really not supporting the 6k and 7k series cards for egpu's? I really dont want to have to go with team fail, I mean, green.

June 2022 Rig of the Month -AMD Ryzen 5900X, Asus Tuf Gaming 6900XT
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I imagine AMD Xconnect will include the 6000 & 7000 series GPU cards in the near future.

You are correct in that the latest GPU cards supported are the 5000 series GPUs:

Screenshot 2022-11-20 172102.png

I am aware that only a few eGPU enclosure supports the 6000 series GPUs that can be used on Mac Laptops/PCs for the present.

So it is a matter of time before the newer AMD GPUs are added, in my opinion.