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Journeyman III

AMD Vega FE bios

Hello .
I would like to get a BIOS for VEGA FE with increased frequencies both on x64

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If you want to know if there is a newer or better BIOS version then fsadough‌ can probably help you with that.


Yes, I would like a newer and better frequency characteristic, but they are all only first release.

How can fsadough help me? Does he write bios?


He is an AMD Employee that deals with Professional GPU cards. He has given BIOSes to other Users in the past when needed. One thing FSADOUGH normally requires is your full Computer information and reason for changing the BIOS.

But it might be a while before he answers since AMD Forum's software is not working correctly. But hopefully he will get my page and answer when he has a chance.

Thanks for the detailed explanation.

I reason like that.

Vega FE has two bios, one standard, the second for updates and tests. In fact, they practically do not differ and the user has no choice. Water-cooled video card has a resource, why not use it? Then regardless of the operating system, the video card will be more productive without software acceleration,and increase the attractiveness of AMD video cards.

Thanks for understanding the problem.


Try opening a Online AMD Service Request (Official AMD SUPPORT) and find out if there are any other Vega FE BIOSes update rather than the standard ones from here: 

It might save you some time and research if they answer back that there aren't any or there are updated BIOSes.


Send me your system info, like OS, driver, motherboard and most important is your current VBIOS version and the issue you are experiencing.

Operating System --Windows 10 x64 + Cataline 10.5.3.

Motherboard - Asus x99-E WS / USB3.1.

VBIOS Version:

indelible - VGA Bios Collection: AMD RX Vega Frontier 15.9844 GB | TechPowerUp 

working -

the problem is how to implement frequent characteristics from the BIOS VGA Bios Collection: AMD RX Vega 64 8 GB | TechPowerUp into the Vega FE bios