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Journeyman III

Amd rx 570 8gb VGA to DVI D issues

Hi, I am having a problem with the detection of the monitor to the board. I have an amd asrock phantom 570 of 8gb and a samsung syncmaster b2030 monitor. A while ago I was using a vga to hdmi connection but I felt that many things were lost. Therefore, yesterday i bought a converter from vga to dvi d 24+1 (Active one). The problem is that in the amd control panel it detects the screen as hdmi. I reinstalled drivers and it nothing changed.

Im trying to figured out what is happening, because im having issues with custom resolutions. Im trying to use 1280 x 960 and i cant.


Like you can see in the last picture, when i try to use 1280x960, the resolution dont scale really well. There are cuts to the sides and above.

I hope someone helps me, thanks!

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Community Manager

DVI-D is only designed to handle digital signals, so I'm not sure how you got a VGA - DVI-D adapter. 

You should instead be using a VGA - DVI-I adapter.

That was confusing me too. I wonder if the OP means going from DVI on the card to a  VGA adapter, that is possible. looking up the monitor model it only has a VGA connection so that has to be what the OP means.

From my own experience I had very bad luck with DVI adapters over the years. I would strongly suggest the OP convert from display port to vga with an active adapter or hdmi to vga as a secondary choice. They might have better luck. Even with those you see a lot of complaints about the quality of different ones working or not. I just had a similar issue with display port to HDMI 3 days ago. I bought the more expensive one at Micro Center to be on the "safe side" it didn't work. Returned it for the cheaper house brand and it was fine.

I found the OP's card they only list a maximum resolution not a table of supported resolutions so I don't know about the one the OP wants to run.  I know some of the older common analog resolutions can be problematic in some drivers from reports I have seen here. Hard to say here without more information but the OP could also try and create a custom resolution with CRU from Custom Resolution Utility (CRU)   and see if that helps.

If none of this helps report back with full system specs and we can try and offer other advice.


Hello, thanks for your answer.

I was using a hdmi on the card to a VGA adapter. I've been having problems with this adapter so recently i changed to dvi d on the card to VGA adapter (My monitor only support VGA). Im trying to use 1280x960 because i used to play a game on that resolution. I already try to use CRU, didnt work. 

My specs:

Rx 570 8gb / i7-7700k / 4.20 GHz / 16,0 GB (RAM) 

Windows 10 64 bits / Graphic card drivers: 19.9.2

Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster b2030

It's just so weird that the only resolution that doesnt work is that one. 1280x1024 / 1440x1080 worked. But 1280x960 is broken.

I can't speak specifically to that resolution but as I mentioned you are not the first to say that some of the older common analog resolutions are not working in current drivers. I wish I had a fix for you.


If you don't need current drivers you might go back to some late 2018 driver or even 2017 drivers and see if they are any better in that regard.