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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon Vii at the cause of Random Shutdowns ?

I' trying to find the cause of this issue which has been plaguing me for some time;

When the pc runs it runs well which it often does. ie playing games with out issues (the division 2 and fortnite)

I often edit and export videos at 4k etc with no issues: But there have been times where I'm half way through an edit in premiere pro and the monitor would go black and i would have to turnoff the psu and disconnect the graphics card power and reconnect it to restart. I don't know what the issue could be. crossing off one thing at a time. The ram is not an issue as i have already returned the previous pair due to some more serious problems which have been since resolved and have not returned.

I'm convinced its either the graphics card, some software settings or the PSU.


CPU: Intel; i9900k

Graphics: AMD Radeon Vii driver 26.20.11015.5009

RAM: Corsair Vengence 16gbsx2

Motherboard : MSI Auros master z390

Memory: Samsung 970 nvme

PSU: Corsair 850w

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I would suggest monitoring both CPU and GPU temperatures at times of high load, just in case the computer is reaching the threshold in which it will power down to prevent damage to hardware. A 9900K and Radeon VII are sure to use a bit of power when loaded up with cycles so double check your cabling and make sure you're using two separate cables from your PSU to the graphics card as, with 14nm Vega, this has been shown to put less stress on the power supply.

Journeyman III


 thanks for replying, I have no way of checking temps properly but I measured the stress one time and basically the cpu was never above 38% while editing and the gpu below 10% so I don’t think that’s the issue.

considering I have played games with no black out I don’t think temps is an issue.

i have the separate cables plugged in as mentioned.

so I’m  still at loss as to what’s going on.


It could be a bad card... AMD hasn't exactly perfected 7nm process and there have been reports of the VII and 5700 series going belly-up for no apparent or obvious reason--so I would consider filing an RMA, though with a limited production card the turn-around time might be longer than desired.

850W should be more than enough to run the VII so if you're using separate cables (as you've verified to be doing) then the card is getting adequate power. That basically leaves software, or the card itself I'm afraid.

Journeyman III

me too