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Journeyman III

AMD RADEON (TM) 535 DX didn't work properly

i have my laptop HP 15-bw071ax for maybe 4 years. but i just realized yesterday, that my laptop have a huge problem. it have a dual graphic system, Amd Radeon R7 and Radeon (tm) 535 DX. but the powerfull one didn't work, hp official website show that it have dedicated Radeon (tm) 530, but when i'm trying to update both from Amd official website and manual device manager itself, of course with correct model Radeon (tm) 530, result always show / change automaticlly when update to Amd Radeon (tm) R7 M340. because M340 is one and only compatible option before i install driver from hp website ( )

i install GTA 5 to my laptop, it feels so laggy, and i check setting menu on graphic tab, it show that i just have 1020mb video memory ( ). so i have suspect on 4gb vram didn't work, next i go to graphic performance preference in graphic setting, set GTA 5 to high performance GPU, and i'm shocked it show like this 
" power saving GPU : Amd Radeon R7, High Performance GPU : Amd Radeon R7 " ( )
it show same GPU on same mode, beside while i check on internet it must show different gpu, the weak ones and the powerfull ones like " power saving GPU : Amd Radeon R7, High Performance GPU : Amd Radeon RX bla bla bla " )for example. that's why even i change to high performance it always didn't work and always have same result


or, maybe Amd Radeon (tm) 535 DX have a wrong adapter memory 1050mb ( ) ? not 4gb ( ) ? 

i tried saveral ways to solve this problem like from hp and amd official forum but it didn't work, such as :
1. install correct display driver both from amd or hp official website
2. set app to high perfomance gpu ( )

3. set to maximize cpu power to 100% from power option ( )
4. activate amd crossfire to friendly afr mode ( )

5. change virtual memory ( ) 

and i ask myself, what's wrong with my laptop ?
for a 4 years i played on it, and it's feels lag  even i set manual app to High Performance GPU, and i just realized yesterday. 

is there a way to change manually " power saving GPU : Amd Radeon R7, High Performance GPU : Amd Radeon R7 " to  " power saving GPU : Amd Radeon R7, High Performance GPU : Amd Radeon (Tm) 535 DX " ?
or something else ?

laptop specification :

Product name
HP Notebook - 15-bw071ax
AMD Quad-Core A12-9720P APU (2.7 GHz base frequency, up to 3.6 GHz burst frequency, 2 MB cache)
Memory, standard
8 GB DDR4-1866 SDRAM (1 x 8 GB)
Video graphics
  • AMD Radeon™ 530 Graphics (4 GB DDR3 dedicated)
  • Discrete
Windows 10 enterprise LSTC 64bit

i'm not rich guy that can buy things so easly like this laptop, so please help me
thankyou very much

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Journeyman III

Hello, Bro. Were you able to solve the problem?