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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon RX580 (laptop) with Dell MST monitors problem

Hi all. 

I have a problem connecting an Asus gz702zc to three monitors, two of them through mDP with MST functionality and one through HDMI.

I`ve been using a Dell p2719hc and a Dell p2719h monitor, and recently I bought the third one, a Dell p2719h.

I have a Dell Precision 7560 for work and an Asus gl702zc as a personal laptop.

While having just two monitors, I`ve been using the following connections:

Dell laptop -> Dell p2719hc (MST activated) -> Dell p2719h

Asus laptop -> Dell p2719hc (mDP -> HDMI)

Asus laptop -> Dell p2719h ( HDMI -> HDMI)

Before buying the third one I have tested my Asus laptop with mDP connection through MST functionality and it worked instantly with 2 monitors.

Now with the third monitor for the Dell laptop I bought a docking station and for the Asus laptop the connection through mDP to two monitors wont work. It tries to detect and connect for 2 seconds and after that the monitor won`t detect any DP cable connected.

Please help!

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