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AMD Radeon RX580 crashing

I got myself a computer from CyberPowerpc but each time I play a game it keeps freezing after like 2 minutes of playing


AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB GDDR5 PCI-3 3.0

MSI X470 Gaming Plus AM4 ATX W/ RGB USB 3.1 SATA3 2 M.2 Crossfire

Adata 4GB DDR4-3000 XPG Z1 Memory

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 3.0(3.7GHZ Turbo) 8-Core 16 MB L3 Cache AM4 65W

I've tried looking up solutions to the problem but none have worked at all as it keeps crashing my entire PC. It would first start flickering the screen before it just crashes and I can't see or hear anything except for a loud buzzing

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Adept I

Overheating is the first what I would look for for such symtoms. Perhaps cooling is defective  or wasn't installed correctly

Run CPU and GPU stabilty tests and monitor their temperatures.


Honestly most these RX 580s just don't get enough power under load. You don't need to over volt or anything. In Radeon Settings/Gaming/Global Settings/Global Wattman: down below the fan settings is a red horizontal slider named "Power Limit" slide that over to the right to it's max. Most likely 50 for an RX 580 but could be 20 or something else, just whatever is max slide it there. The power used is dynamic so it doesn't mean it will always use more power now. It just raises the power ceiling a bit for when it does need it. This makes many unstable cards, now stable under load. Also make sure your computer is set to the "High Performance" power profile not balanced. If this does not help, write back and I know a few more things to do that may help.

You can also test that GPU yourself with a free utility called OCCT from ocbase_com can check your GPU and Power Supply, test it after raising the power limit.


Alright I did this and it seemed to work for a day or so but it is getting the same issue again. Also when I shut down my computer the screen is all teared up to which I would have to disconnect and reconnect the graphics card as I got instructed when I called the company for the problem. But then afterwards i would load in and my graphic cards wouldn't be working properly as it wouldn't detect it till i start up the minimal set up. I seriously dont know what the issue is anymore


Did you run OCCT?


I did it but nothing seemed to be showing any errors.


What company for what problem. That seems very odd. Maybe you have a malware infestation hindering things. Run Malwarebytes from safe mode and see what it finds.


Actually I just restarted the computer and did the OCCT which shows changes now but don't quite understand what this all means and how to fix it2018-08-17-22h39-Voltage-CPU VDD.png2018-08-17-22h39-Voltage-VIN8.png

Adept II

have you tried lowering the clocks and voltages?


I wouldn't know what to lower it to or not to see which would be the best option as I don't wanna mess anything up.