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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon R5 430 flickers and fails with zoom

I run a Dell Optiplex 7080 with I9 processor and 32 GB RAM. The system has dual AMD Radeon R5 430 cards. I've hooked up three monitors: two Dells and an LG widescreen. I use a Logitech Streamcam for video. 

Something w/ the cards is causing a simple Zoom window to flicker and then crash repeatedly. Even when I open a single meeting (with no other participants), my metrics are through the roof. AMD software shows the GPU working at 98%. That's with a single camera running and a zoom meeting on; nothing else.  

Can anyone please help?  

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Journeyman III

I have a similar issue. I have a school full of brand new Optiplex 5080 with dual R5 430. On some, no matter what I try or what webcam or usb doc cam I use, they flicker. I also have an issue where they freeze and then the main monitor goes black. 

I have not found a solution. I am now using the Mother Board video DP Ports and it all works. I am very upset with this purchase. If you find a solution I hope you post it. 

Somtime I can make them freeze by just plugging in a USB video device, like a webcam. Then bam, all goes black.