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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon Pro 5700 8 GB Graphics needs fix for Lightroom/Photoshop AI People Masking feature

My iMac has this graphics processor & will not run the people masking AI feature in LR & PS correctly. It will not separate a group into each individual as the feature is designed to do for editing purposes. After communications with Adobe & seeing on their discussion board, many others with this graphics processor are having this problem, & have communicated that AMD would need to create a fix so that Apple could incorporate this into an update. Is there work being done on this issue??? If not, PLEASE address this. The feature worked initially when masking feature was first made available, but as updates were released, this issue resulted. The discussions about this have been going on for several months now & it seems as though it is going nowhere toward resolution. PLEASE HELP to see that this issue gets addressed. Thank you!

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