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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon 6490M Windows 10 Problem

Hello, I have a problem with AMD Radeon HD 6490M graphics card because windows 10 instead of downloading drivers from 6490M downloads from 7400m series. So in games the performance is average that is used only the card from the Intel HD 3000. When downloading drivers from the AMD website the same problem occurs - drivers from 7400m series are installed. I tried to install official drivers from HP laptop but they are on Windows 8 and after installing their game they still didn't search for AMD card and performance was even worse and the Intel driver didn't work at all. I tried to install drivers from leshcat also nothing gave still the same problem drivers from 7400m series were installed. I know I read that 6490m and 7400m series are on the same architecture. Besides, DXDIAG doesn't see any AMD card at all... I add Screenshots to prove that the card is not seen and using Driver from switching graphics also does not give anything. Downgrade to Windows 7 and 8 is not a game.
HP Pavilon Laptop DV6-6b30sw
Processor I3 2330m
Intel HD graphics 3000 and AMD Radeon HD 6490M card

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Your laptop is around eight year old. It is possible today's modern games may not be compatible with your laptop's old hardware - GPU card.

The HD6490M is considered to be "legacy". AMD doesn't support it anymore with Graphic driver updates. You have two choices of the last AMD driver to install. The 2015 WHQL Driver or the 2016 BETA driver - AMD Radeon™ HD 6490M Drivers & Support | AMD .

Many times when you install AMD generic laptop drivers it will show the wrong GPU identification but the driver is still compatible with the installed GPU. If you install the original Windows version on your laptop and install HP Graphics driver it will probably show the correct identification of your HD6490M GPU Card.

Since HP doesn't have any Windows 10 drivers for your laptop it might indicate that Windows 10 may not be fully supported by your laptop's hardware. I would open a HP Support ticket and ask them if Windows 10 is fully compatible with your laptop. Otherwise you may want to purchase a new computer with Windows 10 since AMD doesn't support Windows 8 anymore and Windows 7 will be obsolete in January 2020.

Try to update your Intel graphics drivers plus install the last BIOS from 2013 if you still have an older version installed. You can use Intel's own driver update program called "Intel Driver & Support Assistant" to update all of your laptop's Intel drivers.

In your posted image, it shows in Device Manager "Unknown Device". Click on Unknown Device and hit "Update Driver" and see if it corrects the error.  If might be a Chip set driver so try to update your laptop's Chip Set. 


The 2015 WHQL driver doesn't work and there's a problem with bad graphics recognition and these beta from 2016 I didn't try to install but I'll let you know and bios is up to date because I even installed a new version of bios and about this unknown device jumped out a message that windows system can't install the device an unknown device and the system can't find drivers for this device


It is possible you may have a hardware failure occurring in your laptop.

See if HP Diagnostic sees anything wrong with your laptop from HP Support here: HP PC Hardware Diagnostics | HP® Official Site 

You need to find out what the "Unknown Device" is because that could be the reason why you are having issues.

If you should decide to use HP Diagnostics on your laptop let me know what it finds. HP Support can use the information if you should open a HP Support ticket.


okey I installed HP Hardware Diagnostics and most of the tests came out positively will send a screenshot.And maybe I will try these beta drivers from 2016 and do you have a website where I can download them? because I don't know exactly what version will work with 6490M and this unknown device is HP 3D DriveGuard and is supposed to protect the disk from damage in case of shocks and falls hp test.PNG


Great, at least, that eliminates an obvious hardware failure.

I gave you the link to download the BETA driver in my previous comment. But here it is again: AMD Radeon™ HD 6490M Drivers & Support | AMD 

Good luck!

If the BETA driver doesn't work I would suggest to open a HP Support ticket and see what they recommend.

NOTE: Make sure to use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller - Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) V18.0.1.1 Released. - Wagnardsoft Forum ) in safe mode with the internet disconnected before installing any new AMD Driver. Reconnect the internet AFTER you have installed the new AMD Driver.