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Journeyman III

AMD R9 380 is overheating


Got AMD R9 380 in my pc which i built 6 years ago, it runs along with Intel G4600 cpu and 16 gigs of ram, running on Win10. I lately discovered that my graphic card is overheating a bit. Once it reached 60 degrees during youtube watching only, not mentioning playing games (65-70 degrees), older games. What could causing it? Any suggestions? Is it time for a new thermal paste and thermo pads?

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If the thermal paste is over 6 years old it is probably losing a lot of its efficiency by drying out.

I would first make sure that the GPU fan is not dirty or running slower than normal under heavy loads. That the GPU Heat sink fins are clean and not obstructed or filmed over with gunk preventing efficient cooling. That you have good air circulation inside your PC.

Otherwise I would probably replace the Thermal Paste with a high quality Thermal paste and pads if those are damaged when replacing the Thermal paste.

This website that gives out Maximum Operating Temperatures for various CPUs and GPUs mentions the R9 380 Maximum Operating Temperature is 94c. But not sure how reliable this Tech site is:

Screenshot 2022-05-06 232130.png

If the above data is accurate then you don't have to worry if the temperature reaches 70c under heavy loads. It is still way below it Maximum Operating Temperature of 94c.



60 to 70 is not bad but you can try improving case air flow.

I wouldnt replace thermal paste yet. Mine is a Rx480 and I never did it, It was never needed even OCed to 1400mhz. Just keep the fins and fan clean.

When it reaches 80+ or higher, then you can start worrying. 

The Englishman