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Journeyman III

AMD R7 - AMD R7 (TM) M340 It does not work, it is not detected, it does not work correctly

Currently my HP Pavilion Laptop 15-cd00xx laptop when running programs or games, does not use the dedicated video card but the integrated video card which is of less power for the execution of these resulting in poor performance and performance, In the Performance and Metrics section of the Radeon Software, it is demonstrated how the use of the dedicated card is null, minimal, or used. In the same way, in the task manager, no use of the dedicated card is shown, as well as in the section "Display> Graphics> Options> Graphics Preferences" the dedicated card is not shown or detected (AMD R7 (TM) M340) either for energy saving or high performance, only integrated (AMD R7 Graphics)

The Bios update process has been carried out, Correct update of AMD Drives through its specific driver.

It has the correct AMD drivers installed, I have read different forums, help, guides on how to correctly install the Drivers, specific AMD drivers for my Laptop but none have been helpful or have given any results, either removing the drivers completely with the use of the DDU or reinstalling the operating system from scratch, at this point I can't find solutions to be able to work correctly on my computer, "HELP".

Graphics Preferences -screenshotGraphics Preferences -screenshotRadeon Sofware - screenshotRadeon Sofware - screenshotTask Manager - Integrated card - screenshotTask Manager - Integrated card - screenshotTask Manager - Dedicated Card - screenshotTask Manager - Dedicated Card - screenshot

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