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Journeyman III

AMD R5 M430 maybe has a temperature lock at 60 ish degrees and forces it to go to and fro from 1030Mhz to 400Mhz

I own a Dell Inspiron 3567 and it has a r5 m430(which is now detected as R5 M330 for not known reasons) and everything was well and good until 2 days ago, i was playing csgo , getting around 120-200 frames all low, and then suddenly i guess my driver broke, and i was stuck to 20fps, after this i reinstalled the drivers and everything worked fine.

But not for long, as I am not getting major fps drops, from 150 to 60 and stutters, i checked and found out that the gpu's frequency was periodically going back and to 400Mhz from the default 1030Mhz and so was the memory frequency.

I have tried everything but nothing seems to work, from trying out old drivers to overlocking, it seems that my gpu has temperature lock at 60 degrees.

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