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Journeyman III


Hi all. i've got a 3D monitor Samsung S27A750D, which was tooled for 3D perfomance in conjunction with AMD HD3D technology. Right now I'm watching for a new GPU. My interests are games (not 3D games) and 3D movies. Do you know is HD3D technology still included in recent GPUs from AMD? I can't find any mention about it on their site. There are so many information in this forum from different years and users so i'm hesitating. Could anyone clarify the situation?

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Adept I


I think HD3D is here but seems broken now.

I just bought a optoma HD29H (the European version of American HD27HDR )

It is one of the only 3 available low input lag and 1080p3D @60Hz projectors on the market.

I intended to use it with my Vega64.

but I have not be able to make HD3D works: When I try to activate it in PowerDVD19 or stereoscopic player, the projector change his video mode and the software crash or just return to 2D. Also tried with Trine, it also try to activate HD3D but at the end just go back to 2D.

Il still managed do use frame packed 3D to the projector, only with stereoscopic player using Microsoft DirectX quad Buffer or OpenGL Quad buffer. The problem is that quite no mainstream software is using DX or OpenGl quad buffer. It's a bit buggy and sometimes the projectors goes in a wrong 3D mode.

So you can watch 3D blu-rays and movies ar full quality with AMD graphic card, but you need stereoscopic player using DX quad buffer mode + a software that remove blu-ray protection.

Still searching a way to use AMD HD3D.

But I think the best way for me is unfortunately to replace my vega64 by a geforce.


My system runs on Windows 10 v18.03 (not ready for 19 according to MS update), I've the latest adrenalin driver,  for my saphire nitro Vega 64.

the moteherboard is a MSI X370 platinum + 16Go RAM + a ryzen 5 1600x.

i unplugged my screen and my hdmi audio amplifier in order to avoid some kind of conflict.



it worked fine with my VEGA 64 until end of 2020, when I switched to a nvidia card.

OpenGL quad buffer worked fine on full screen mode until end of 2019. It have been removed from radeon software on beginning of 2020 (Whatever it have never been an official feature AFAIK).

AMD HD3D worked quite fine in full screen mode.

Micrososoft quad buffer worked fine including in windowed mode.

Tested with sview, stereoscopic player and tridef ignition.


The issues I had was related to my projector, it worked fine in 1080p 24Hz and 720p 120Hz frame packed.

I had to use an EDID hack for 1080p 120HZ frame sequential, it was not perfect as I believe that with my hack, the GPU was sending metadata that the projector misunderstood. So that sometimes it was ok, sometimes not.



The last time the HD3D page has been archived on internet wayback machine: was the 4th of February.

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