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Journeyman III

AMD HD Radeon 5450 2nd Screen flickering lines

Hi, first sorry for my bad english!

I have two machines with the video card HD Radeon 5450, and my second screen have a black lines which flickers right across the screen, sometimes in the middle, sometimes at the bottom. It seems to occur more when the machine is doing something, like if I'm moving a window around, or if I'm typing... when I'm not doing anything it not happens.

It happens only on "screen 2" and it doesn't matter which physical monitor I have selected as screen 2, it only happens on screen 2.

The video cards is new, i do nothing in the configs.

Both with: 

- Win 10

- 8gb

- I3 4130


- Screen 1: HDMI to VGA (Ok)

- Screen 2: VGA (Flickering)


- Screen 1: DVI (Ok)

- Screen 2: VGA (Flickering)

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